Miguel Boyer leaves the ICU and evolves “very satisfactory”

The former Minister of Finance Michael Boyer, 73, “very satisfactory improvement” of the brain hemorrhage he suffered on 28 February and has left the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Ruber Clinic in Madrid, have been reported today.

Boyer, who was conscious, oriented and tolerate oral feeding, remain today entered the Intermediate Care Unit where “closes progressively” tracheostomy that was performed last March 21 after suffering breathing problems resulting from the hemorrhage and avoid secondary complications.

Also performs a neurological rehabilitation which shows a “marked improvement” in the expression and understanding of language, while recovering from arm motor system and lost rights.

While still need to continue hospitalization, from the center stands their good progression.

Born in the French town of San Juan de la Luz in February 1939, Boyer was Minister of Economy and Finance between 1982 and 1985 in the first socialist government of Felipe González (1982-1996) and currently is a director of several companies such as Red Royal electrical and Urbis.

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