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Methods To get Hold On Iraqi Dinar

The hottest investment sweeping the web today is the buying of Iraqi dinar. Purchasing the actual paper currency from the country of Iraq in the hopes the country will stabilize and also the currency will revalue.As of today’s date $1 USD is = 1153.55 dinars. Here is the basic idea you purchase 346,065 dinars for a mere $284 USD (typical cost from a dinar dealer). Suppose $1 USD will = 1.49 Dinar – now you’ve made your self a ton of cash with a very small investment.

Because of the potential there are many dinar traders on the net all claiming this “investment” is a certain wager. Currently you buy 1,000,000 Iraqi (IQD) dinars for $1,060 from anyone of these sites. However there are some hazards of purchasing them so let’s review the dangers:

1) Purchasing the old dinars with Saddam Hussein’s portrait. Sorry but he was hanged for crimes in opposition to humanity. These notes are worth nothing.

2) Purchasing counterfeit IQD notes. Even though the new notes have several security functions there was a case in Eastern Europe of a gang attempting to sell counterfeit Iraqi money. The likelihood of purchasing counterfeit dinars is really extremely low because you will find least five security features.

3) Falling for the bogus selling points. There are many selling factors these traders love to tout. The #1 selling point the Iraqi dinar was at 3.22 in the 1980’s therefore the RV will match the old value. Wrong! Saddam himself arbitrarily pegged the value at $3.22. That’s basically any ruler of a nation all of the sudden declaring his currency is worth $20 to 1 USD. It’s also essential to be aware that inflation at the time was above 25% so really that 3.22 value was a lot less.

4) Purchasing on eBay. I don’t need to say too much here but buying currency on eBay is risky. If you want dinars buy them from a respected dinar trader.These are just some of the risks involved in buying dinars from any trader. Reading the web sites of these dinar traders they make sound it is a sure wager the dinar will revalue “very soon” and you’ll become rich very quickly.

Buying dinars is a purely speculative investment and you should keep in mind what the facts are.Understand when buying Dinars you are essentially purchasing a lottery ticket. There is never a guarantee that it will revalue to your favor.With that said I suggest the following resources for purchasing dinars:1) Safe Dinar2) Dinar TradeThese can be easily found on the net and are very professional. They deliver the dinars via FedEx COD. So you pay when you receive them. I myself have purchased my dinars in the fashion with no problems. I also recommend purchasing the dinar notes that have not been circulated already. They’ll arrive to you subsequent day air in a sealed plastic envelope.Before you rush out to buy Iraqi money with the hopes of getting rich make sure you understand the dangers involved.